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NSS Labs warns companies for the virus scanners by Panda Security and AVG, they should not use these virus scanners according to NSS Labs. They performed a test monitoring how fast virus scanners block malicious websites. Especially Panda Security required a lot of time to accomplish this. The average time for a virus scanner to block such a website is 45 hours, however the Spaniards needed 90 hours to do so. AVG managed to do so in 71 hours. The best virus scanner required 5 hours. They also looked at the 'block rate', they speed of blocking a malicious website. The best virus scanner blocked only 60%, but AVG, Panda and Eset scored less than 44%.

The tests by NSS Labs are according to sum controversial and the research is downloadable at the fee of 500 dollar.


From the very start we have been using Dr. Web antivirus service this is due to our innovative marketing and sales advice, herefor we work abroad a lot so we are often on the road and staying in hotels. It is very convienent to be able to enter the internet from your notebook on the road. We did not want te invest in antivirus software or in a server and an administrator this is why we have chosen to take a monthly subscripment from Dr. Web's antivirus service.

- Ingo van Driel- Protect-it Security

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