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Dr. Web AV-Desk 5.01 update

Doctor Web announced the release of the updated versions of its Internet service Dr.Web AV-Desk 5.0.1. Incorrect updating of virus databases on subscriber machines running the Dr.Web anti-virus service software has been corrected.
A number of other errors that occurred during interaction between the anti-virus agent and server have also been corrected.

The update will be automatically downloaded by the Dr.Web anti-virus service software installed on user computers.



Dr.Web anti-virus service will keep your business safe

The Russian anti-virus vendor Doctor Web announced introduction of the Dr.Web anti-virus service based on Dr.Web AV-Desk to business customers. Now any IT company can provide anti-virus protection for corporate networks of its customers.
Developed in 2007 Dr.Web AV-Desk is becoming more and more popular among providers and their customers. Currently around two hundred companies offer the Dr.Web anti-virus service to their subscribers and in Russia the SaaS business-model is mainly associated with Dr.Web AV-Desk. Dr.Web AV-Desk 5.0.1 has undergone significant improvements to become even more attractive to home users and suppliers of the Dr.Web anti-virus service.

With anti-virus protection on a subscription basis users can select a desired level of security (subscription package), suspend and change their subscriptions and also participate in promo events. These opportunities allow them to reduce, minimize and plan their anti-virus expenses.

Now all these advantages are available to corporate customers and the Dr.Web anti-virus service will most certainly be widely appreciated by businesses. Doctor Web has prepared three subscription packages for corporate customers where protection for workstations and file servers is available at the same fee. Dr.Web Classic – EURO N per month, Dr.Web Standard – EURO N per month, Dr.Web Premium – EURO N per month. Depending on the number of subscribers a discount may amount to 10-40% upon the initial subscription. The loyalty programme is also applied to regular subscribers – after the first year of continuous usage of the service a loyalty discount is added to the discount provided on the subscriptions quantity basis. It allows companies to cut their anti-virus expenses by 70%. Yet the most important advantage of the service is the user friendly and reliable anti-virus protection.

The new version significantly expanded Dr.Web AV-Desk usage horizons. Any company involved in IT business and willing to deliver the IT security services to tits customers can become the service provider.

Dr.Web AV-Desk 5.0.1 has become a multi-variant business-model. A service provider can run a Dr.Web AV-Desk server on its hardware and deliver the Dr.Web anti-virus service directly to home users and businesses. Another is to run a Dr.Web AV-Desk server, create a reseller networks and sublicense the Subscription Control Centre to other companies that will deliver the Dr.Web anti-virus service to subscribers. Small companies – service resellers will be able to supply customers with the service without deploying a Dr.Web AV-Desk server.

The new version of Dr.Web AV-Desk also offers providers a built-in billing system created by Doctor Web allowing them to deliver the service to customers even if they don't have a billing system of their own. The API for integration with external billing systems is also included.

Numerous features have been added to the Subscription Control Centre – the personal area of a service subscriber. Providers can now take advantage co-branding and place their logo and contact information in the Subscription Control Centre that now also provides access to statistical information presented as easy-to-read diagrams. Service management has become easier. All actions performed with subscriptions are logged, information on all subscriptions of a customer is collected and virus news posts from Doctor Web are displayed right in the Subscription Control Centre. It provides users with links to free services from the vendor and can be used to generate license certificates online which can be especially important for business-customers.

Subscribers have multiple payment options: they can refill their balance with credit cards, use online payment services or prepaid cards issued by the provider. Tools for creation of such cards are also included in the Subscription Control Centre. Right there providers can generate any number of card activation codes and place their logos on models of cards of various values. After that the model is ready for printing. Cards can be offered to customers as virtual cards on the provider’s web-site, over payment terminals or through web-sites of participants in the provider’s affiliate-programmes.


Dr. Web offers 3 subscription packages

Doctor Web — the leader on the Russian IT security services market — announces that the Dr.Web anti-virus service becomes available to subscribers as three basic subscription packages. Now customers of service providers can choose a desired level of security according to their requirements and automatically renew their subscriptions as long as they need it – without any time limits.

Doctor Web is the first anti-virus vendor that offered an anti-virus as a service on the Russian market. Now users can subscribe to different subscription packages: Dr.Web Classic, Dr.Web Standard and Dr.Web Premium.




If a subscriber values his time and security of his information Dr.Web Standard will surely suit his needs. The monthly fee is as little as EURO  1,5 per month, VAT excl. The package will provide the subscriber with anti-virus protection as well as save time otherwise spent on sorting and deleting spam messages.






If the subscriber is a casual web-surfer and doesn’t visit web-sites providing objectionable content, Dr.Web Classic will protect his system from viruses, mail worms, Trojans and spyware for EURO  1,3 per month, VAT excl.







Those who need comprehensive information security will also find a package matching their requirements. In addition to anti-virus and anti-spam Dr.Web Premium also features the HTTP monitor and Parental control. The subscription fee is EURO  1.65, VAT excl.

A subscriber can also change a selected subscription package in his personal area at the web-site of his service provider.

Dr. Web Virus Informer

Wat klanten zeggen...

Vanaf het eerste begin zijn wij gebruik gaan maken van de Dr. Web anti-virus service aangezien wij voor het geven van innovatief marketing en sales advies grensoverschrijdend werken en hierdoor vaak onderweg en in hotels nog even moeten surfen en email ophalen vanaf een notebook. Aangezien wij niet wilde investeren in anti-virus software laat staan een server en beheerder hebben wij gekozen om in abonnementsvorm maandelijks de Dr. Web anti-virus dienst af te nemen.

- Ingo van Driel- Protect-it Security

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