Choose from 3 security subscriptions to ensure the right level of protection.

ID Control delivers its' authentication solutions and products only via an indirect channel which is composed of certificate authorities, technology solution partners, distributors, resellers and agents. ID Control's Partner Program exists to make it easy and profitable for you to sell high class authentication products and solutions. Our goal is to make our partner program as simple, straightforward, and effective as our industry-leading products and solutions.

ID Control would really like to cooperate with you, a IT specialist, can supply with high end and affordable security solutions and services, payable a month a user.  

Security aspect
Securepoint/Dr. Web antivirus service
Securepoint/Dr. Web antivirus service
Securepoint/Dr. Web antivirus service
Strong Authentication
ID Control
Data Backup, Synchronisation, Collaboration, Recovery and Conflict management
Data theft and loss of protection
Email Archiving
Email Encryption, Decryption and Signing
MailID/ID Control
E-mail Filter
Encryption of backups, servers and disks.
Intrusion Prevention
ID Control
Web Filter
Securepoint/Dr. Web antivirus service

ID Control levert tevens security diensten zoals:
Web (Application) Sign-On;
Secure VPN Authentication;
Computer and Network Sign-On;
File and Disk Encryption;
Secure Password Management;
 Email Encryption and Signing;
 And many other security functions...

ID Control delivers the high class strong authentication, encryption solutions and related security services with HandyID , KeystrokeID , MessageID , RiskID , MailID and the ID Control USB (PKI) Token and OTP Key in order to bring back the trust to access and transctions. ID Control supports with its’ strong affordable and easy authentication solutions and integrates out of the box with many vendors and solutions.

The ID Control Server controls the digital identities who are doing or willing to do online business or information sharing with you. We therefore deliver the authentication solutions for secure information exchanges and online transactions between individuals and organizations on the web, via email and while logging on to digital resources such as your pc, applications, or network resources. ID Control offers the strong authentication hardware based USB Token (PKI) and OTP Key, software based HandyID and MessageID as the Mobile Authentication Solutions (One Time Password), RiskID as the Risk Based Assessment and Two-Factor Authentication for Mobile Devices, MailID as e-mail authentication, decryption and encryption solution and KeystrokeID as behaviour biometrics by keystroke recognition during login, which all diminish the risks and threats related to identity and access management within the virtual world in the most affordable and easy way.

Also for Network and Access Protection and Endpoint Security Services ID Control is your ideal partner for comprehensive endpoint security with unified threat and authentication management.

Do you want to know more about our Partner Program, please contact us!


From the very start we have been using Dr. Web antivirus service this is due to our innovative marketing and sales advice, herefor we work abroad a lot so we are often on the road and staying in hotels. It is very convienent to be able to enter the internet from your notebook on the road. We did not want te invest in antivirus software or in a server and an administrator this is why we have chosen to take a monthly subscripment from Dr. Web's antivirus service.

- Ingo van Driel- Protect-it Security

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