Choose from 3 security subscriptions to ensure the right level of protection.

Payment options

The built-in Dr.Web anti-virus service billing system provides customers with the following payment options:

  • wire transfer
  • Dr.Web pre-paid cards (virtual or scratch-cards)

Pre-payment cards

Tools for creation of cards are located in the Subscription Control Centre. You can use them if you are also using the built-in bulling system. Generate any number of activation codes for cards and place the provider’s logo and its contact information on the layout of cards of different values. After that you only need to obtain the file ready for printing.

Cards can be sold in the provider's offices or through retail stores. They can also be provided as virtual cards available at a web-site (balance refill page mock up is provided by Doctor Web). You may also choose to sell cards over payment terminals or deliver them to participants in the provider’s affiliate programmes to be sold on their web-sites.

If you want to know more, you are welcome to contact us!


From the very start we have been using Dr. Web antivirus service this is due to our innovative marketing and sales advice, herefor we work abroad a lot so we are often on the road and staying in hotels. It is very convienent to be able to enter the internet from your notebook on the road. We did not want te invest in antivirus software or in a server and an administrator this is why we have chosen to take a monthly subscripment from Dr. Web's antivirus service.

- Ingo van Driel- Protect-it Security

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