Choose from 3 security subscriptions to ensure the right level of protection.

Important: Dr.Web is installed on Windows PCs (32-bit)!

  1. In step 2 after signing up a customer receives an installer download link (about 1100KB)
  2. Download the package and make sure that you remember its location.
  3. Double-click the avdinst.exe file to launch it.

  4. Read the license agreement text and press “Next” to accept its terms and continue the installation If you don’t accept the terms, the installation will be aborted.

  5. Then you will need to select anti-virus components that will be installed in your system (the list of available components depends on your chosen subscription package) and press Next.

  6. All other installation procedures will be performed automatically.  

  7. In the subsequent dialogue choose Yes even if no firewall is installed in the system.
  8. Press “Finish” to complete the installation.
  9. An icon displaying the spider over a shield will appear in the system tray. A yellow triangle with an exclamatory mark will be flashing over the icon. 

Reboot the system and wait while the anti-virus connects to an anti-virus server of your service provider. You have signed up for the service and installed the service software successfully.

Now your computer is protected by Dr.Web anti-virus!


From the very start we have been using Dr. Web antivirus service this is due to our innovative marketing and sales advice, herefor we work abroad a lot so we are often on the road and staying in hotels. It is very convienent to be able to enter the internet from your notebook on the road. We did not want te invest in antivirus software or in a server and an administrator this is why we have chosen to take a monthly subscripment from Dr. Web's antivirus service.

- Ingo van Driel- Protect-it Security

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